Tuesday, July 10, 2007: #1 - Gangway for Captain Marvel - Part 1 - The Beginning
BLOG OF ETERNITY #1 - December 1, 2007

The Blog of Eternity is Not Cast in Stone!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of BLOG OF ETERNITY! You may call me ...
After many thousands of years carving the adventures of the Marvel Family into the stone walls of the Rock of Eternity, I've decided to come into the Modern Age and use this wonderful new device ... the Internet!

The BLOG OF ETERNTIY will cover a smorgasboard of topics including reviews of the golden age adventures of the Marvel Family as well as the modern age. Praise will be doled out when it is warranted and criticism will come crashing down like a stone block whose thin thread has snapped!

Robby Reed's DIAL B FOR BLOG
And, dear reader, before we get started on this adventure ... a hearty thank you to Robby Reed (a.k.a. Kirk Kimball) and his web blog, DIAL B FOR BLOG, would be appropriate. I've had a most enjoyable time perusing the great number of topics Mr. Reed tackled on his web log and he inspired me to shift from hammer and chisel to the keyboard! If this series of articles about the Big Red Cheese and those who came after him garners even a smidgeon of the praise Robby received ... well, that would bring a tear to the eye of this old wizard.

Gangway for Captain Marvel -Part 1 - The Beginning!

As much as I'd like to take credit for the creation of my champion, that honor goes to a great number of men — luminaries in the fields of publishing and written and artistic endeavor. But two stand out head and shoulders above the rest: the creators of the super-hero archtype — SUPERMAN!
Superman Stamp
United States Postal Service Superman Stamp
For had the two teen-agers from Cleveland, Ohio given up and had Superman never been published, it is doubtful, even with my help, that Captain Marvel would ever have come into creation.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the writer-artist team that came up with the concept of Superman, struggled for many years to get their creation into the high-profile world of newspaper strip circulation. They had all but given up with Superman, having moved onto other more lucrative characters. Editor Sheldon Mayer pulled the Superman proposal from his slush pile and used Superman as the lead feature in ACTION COMICS #1. Superman proved instantly popular and it wasn't long before he became the permanent cover feature. Superman would also get his own magazine and would be featured in several other comic magazines of the day.

Wonder Comics #1 (May 1939)
WONDER COMICS #1 (May 1939) - Fox Feature Syndicate
Superman's popularity did not go unnoticed by the other comic book publishers at the time. Fox Feature Syndicate came up with their own variation, Wonder Man, who appeared in the first issue of the titular WONDER COMICS.

Wonder Man was one of the early creations of Will Eisner who would later gain worldwide attention as the creator of The Spirit. Wonder Man, as seen on the cover of WONDER COMICS #1, could leap tall buildings, was super-strong and impervious to harm. With the exception of black hair and a cape, he acted and looked just like Superman.

National Comics was understandably upset with the new character and brought the first comic industry lawsuit against another publisher. Fox dropped Wonder Man who never appeared again and the second issue of WONDER COMICS cover-featured a magician, Yarko the Great. WONDER COMICS lasted only two issues before being retitled WONDERWORLD COMICS. The star of the new title was The Flame. WONDERWORLD COMICS lasted 31 issues.

This lawsuit wouldn't stop other publishers from trying to hitch a ride on the Superman locomotive and leech off of his success. Another publisher would try not once ... but twice!

Come Back Tomorrow for
Captain Billy's Whiz Bang!

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Fantastic blog so far! Glad I found it. I can't wait for your next installment. I had heard of Whiz Bang Days (I live in Minneapolis) but had never made the connection. I looked up the Robbinsdale's Whiz Bang Bang days on the web and it's coming up soon.

Good stuff!
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